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Gatsby is the perfect framework for Agencies

Fast, flexible, and reusable, Gatsby is the ideal frontend for Agencies that want to offer superior websites in shorter time.

Blazing Fast Performance null icon

Blazing Fast Performance

Gatsby bundles, optimizes, and then minify’s all site content into static assets - giving you the fastest, smoothest, web experience. And it all comes right out of the box, without having to do any fancy configuring.

Source Content From Any CMS null icon

Source Content From Any CMS

With Gatsby as your frontend framework, you can source content from any CMS, API, Database, CSV, or any other 3rd party service and create amazing experiences never before possible. Easily place eCommerce product info from Shopify or BigCommerce right next to Contentful or WordPress content.

Reuse Themes & Starters null icon

Reuse Themes & Starters

Stop building each client site from scratch with Gatsby Themes and Gatsby Starters. Gatsby Starters are community built website templates that can help you demonstrate value to clients quickly. Or use Gatsby Themes for centralized management of plugins, components, and more across multiple websites.

Extensive Plugin Ecosytem null icon

Extensive Plugin Ecosytem

Need to add Analytics to your site? How about a special sitemap? Or a marketing form? Gatsby has thousands of premade plugins that make adding capabilties like the above just one command away.

Multiple  Rendering Methods icon

Rendering Methods

Gatsby can render your websites pages using Static Site Generation, Deferred Static Generation, or Server-Side Rendering for the perfect blend of performance and control.

Secure and Safe null icon

Secure and Safe

Decoupled website’s are much safer than monolithic systems with public login pages, 3rd party plugins, and constant database connections. A Gatsby site has minimal connection to any service, making it’s attack surface nearly nonexsistent.

Woolly Mammoth delivers high performing websites for some of the top SaaS companies in the world with Gatsby.

Woolly Mammoth delivers high performing websites for some of the top SaaS companies in the world with Gatsby.

In April 2020, Australian web design and development agency Woolly Mammoth began working with client LaunchDarkly to revamp their website. The existing LaunchDarkly website relied on a number of different technologies and platforms over the years, and had built the site in a number of different ways: JSON, Markdown, had hard-coded copy and locally hosted assets, while the blog section lived on subdomain and was powered by WordPress.

See how Woolly Mammoth transforms LaunchDarkly’s website with Gatsby.

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