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Why Headless, Why Now - With Gatsby & Contentful

Unleash your marketing performance by decoupling your website’s frontend and backend

A once-in-a-generation movement of business websites is underway. Forward-thinking organizations are leaving behind their monolithic website architectures, where your data/content and frontend are fused together, to a “headless” approach, where your backend and frontend operate independently.

But why? What makes rearchitecting your site worth the effort? Why is it a priority to do it now?

The short answer is nearly every marketing performance metric stands to benefit.

In this webinar, engineers from Gatsby and Contentful will break down the “why” and “why now” of going headless. We’ll even show you how to build a proof of concept.

Register to watch on demand and learn:

  • The path that led to monolithic architectures and why it’s a solution for a previous era
  • Straightforward examples of headless architecture and how they work in context between marketing and dev teams
  • Why a headless frontend helps deliver peak page performance, resulting in better SEO and higher conversions
  • Why a headless CMS gives marketers and developers the ability to create content quickly and flexibly distribute it where it’s most effective
  • Real-world examples from companies who made the migration
  • A live, step by step demo of how to kickstart a headless proof of concept using Gatsby and Contentful to share with your team


  • Allen Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Gatsby
  • David Fateh, Senior Software Engineer at Contentful

Register to watch on demand

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