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Agency Spotlight: Touchless

“The fastest auto dealership site in the world”

When Kevin Gervais at web agency Touchless started, he didn’t want to just build any old website. Instead, he set out to build “the fastest auto dealership website in the world.”

He set out to 2x conversions. In the end, he 8xed it.

After spending a month building a maximally-optimized navbar, testing out 21 different calendar widgets, and setting up systems to clean and extract the data feeds that power the site, Kevin’s Gatsby architecture got him a site-wide LCP of 1.8 seconds.

He then embarked on relentless optimization of every other part of the site — mobile experience, click targets, scrolling, accessibility, the works.

Join us on Thursday, December 1 to get hundreds of hours of learnings from one of the Gatsby community’s foremost performance mad scientists experts, distilled in a one-hour conversation with Gatsby co-founder Sam Bhagwat.


  • Kevin Gervais, Founder & CTO, Touchless
  • Sam Bhagwat, Co-founder & CSO, Gatsby
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