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How Glean Grew Organic Traffic by 60% with Gatsby + Strapi CMS

Learn to automate and validate SEO and accessibility best practices and win more traffic like Glean

Glean, the audio notetaking solution for students of every ability, had an ambitious project in 2021: A rebrand, redesign, and re-platforming, which included consolidating and standardizing their corporate site, blog, and landing pages under one stack.

Like many, Glean relies on organic traffic growth, so they had to do all this without slipping on their SEO. And because Glean services audiences with special needs, accessibility was a must. Ambitious indeed!

Glean chose Gatsby and Strapi CMS to fuel their makeover and stack consolidation. Not only did they avoid a dreaded dip in SEO while in transition, they quickly saw a 60% increase in organic traffic with a 661% in organic visibility.

Register to watch and learn:

  • Why Gatsby’s speed, control, and flexibility uniquely fit Glean’s needs
  • Why Strapi’s component-based UI, scalability, and customization features deliver success
  • How Gatsby and Strapi integrate to maximize the benefits of both platforms
  • How SEO and accessibility work together to deliver more traffic and a great user experience
  • Standardization strategies you can use to ensure SEO and accessibility best-practices are baked into every page on your site

We also include a live demo as well as Q&A. This webinar is excellent for both marketing and dev teams, so be sure to share with everyone.


  • Jack Sellwood, Senior Product Manager at Gatsby
  • Daniel Phiri, Developer Relations at Strapi
  • Steven Milne, Lead Software Engineer at Glean
  • Matt Johnson, Web and SEO Lead at Glean

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