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Scaling Security with Gatsby

How to achieve superior security in the Jamstack using Gatsby

Faster pagespeeds, modern tooling, superior web experiences, and lower costs. These are common reasons why innovative, forward-thinking businesses are moving to composable, Jamstack website architecture and selecting Gatsby as their frontend framework of choice.

However, effective security is one of the most essential benefits of a Gatsby site for any organization, especially for larger enterprises.

As online threats become more sophisticated, decoupling your backend systems from your frontend presentation layer has never been a smarter bet. And if you’re already running a decoupled web architecture, there’s even more you can do to reduce your risk by using Gatsby and our proven suite of security best practices.

Watch Gatsby’s Head of Security, Mike Gualtieri, to learn:

  • What risks are inherent to monolithic website architectures
  • How a Jamstack/composable architecture addresses these risks
  • How a static-by-default approach with Gatsby further reduces your websites attack surface
  • How Gatsby scales to meet the security needs of enterprise businesses
  • Best practices for layering additional security on your Gatsby site


  • Mike Gualtieri - Head of Security at Gatsby
  • Allen Smith - Senior Product Marketing Manager at Gatsby

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