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How Reactive Site Generation (RSG) Works

Deep dive with Gatsby co-founders Kyle Mathews and Sam Bhagwat

For the last year, Gatsby’s been refining our approach to building sites – an advance Gatsby’s creator Kyle Mathews introduced recently with a three-part blog series on Reactive Site Generation (RSG).

RSG combines the lightning-fast page load speeds of SSG with the fast content publish times of SSR. To make it work, Gatsby has had to streamline open-source internals, build cloud infrastructure to accelerate content updates, and add observability to bake performance into the system.

Join us on Thursday, November 17th at 8am PT // 11am ET // 4pm UTC to hear Kyle and co-founder Sam Bhagwat deep-dive into how we built RSG, Gatsby’s data layer, and nerd out on performance.


  • Kyle Mathews, Gatsby co-founder & CTO
  • Sam Bhagwat, Gatsby co-founder & CSO
Reactive Site Generaion

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