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Penn State scales static Drupal to new heights

Learn how Penn State News went headless with Drupal and Gatsby to achieve scale and performance with an absolutely massive static site

Penn State News, Penn State University’s most prominent communication platform, gets millions of annual page views, has over 250 content editors, and 66k articles. It’s a big project.

The PSU News team had an ambitious goal to build a faster and more dynamic site by adopting a modern front end and going headless with Drupal. Not an easy task. Gatsby and Mediacurrent, a leading agency in open source development, partnered up to deliver on the challenge and successfully scale PSU using the latest version of Gatsby on Gatsby Cloud.

Register to watch this webinar featuring Gatsby, Mediacurrent, and Penn State University News, where you’ll learn about:

  • Why a decoupled architecture makes sense for higher education
  • The key ingredients to scaling a headless Drupal stack
  • The distinct advantages Gatsby and Gatsby Cloud offered
  • Improvements made to both the Gatsby and Drupal open source projects
  • How Gatsby delivered a pixel-perfect preview experience for Drupal
  • Lessons learned from one of the world’s largest decoupled Gatsby/Drupal sites


  • Grayson Hicks, Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success at Gatsby
  • Dan Giordano, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Gatsby
  • Jim Nourse, Assistant Director, Web Development at Penn State
  • Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development at Mediacurrent

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