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Optimizing Your Build Performance On Gatsby

How to speed up build times for faster development and content editing

Since WordPress beat out Movable Type in the mid-2000s, one of the key questions in website framework usability has been ‘how long does it take content to go live?’ Gatsby has all the benefits of static site generators and more but enables you to achieve super-fast build times, with even large and complex sites.

Register to watch as Gatsby’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Sam Bhagwat, and Senior Director of Product Marketing, Dan Giordano, teach you step-by-step how to optimize your builds on Gatsby.

In the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Decrease bundle size
  • Manage multi-language sites
  • Optimally configure plugins and data sources
  • Fine-tune your headless CMS integration
  • Measure and benchmark build performance
  • Methodically iterate over time as your site evolves

There are plenty more tactics we’ll be teaching you as well as helping you determine whether your improvements might require architectural change or just some best practice enhancements.


  • Sam Bhagwat - Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Gatsby | @calcsam
  • Dan Giordano - Senior Director of Product Marketing, Gatsby | @itemprop_DannyG

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