Using universal page templates to build sites faster: Join us next Tuesday

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Modular Web Design

Using universal page templates to empower marketing teams.

Marketing wants to create pages without eng help. Engineering builds them a template that works with their headless CMS. Requests to modify / extend the template fly back and forth. Ironing out the details takes months.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ll want to join us Tuesday, January 31st, with Gatsby co-founder and chief strategy officer Sam Bhagwat and Webstacks CEO Nikan Shahidi, to share techniques from the Modular Web Design Playbook:

  • How to build universal page templates that are so powerful that you can build entire client sites with only two or three of them
  • How to use this technique to eliminate hardcoded pages.
  • How to design components and section layouts with modes that allow marketing design flexibility
  • Stories of well-known brands like ServiceTitan and Calendly that have launched website redesigns quickly with these techniques.


  • Sam Bhagwat, Co-founder & CSO, Gatsby
  • Nikan Shahidi, CEO, Webstacks
Modular Web Design

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