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Make Your Website Dynamic with Functions on Gatsby Cloud

Learn to connect and operate any service with your Gatsby website so development is faster and more fun

When Gatsby Cloud launched this past year with Builds and Hosting, developers were ecstatic - they now had a single solution to build, preview, and deploy Gatsby sites. But something was missing; something that we’re excited to tell you is here - serverless functions!

Functions on Gatsby Cloud now let you connect and operate any service with your Gatsby website without maintaining infrastructure or servers. Logins, Form Fills, Authentication, Personalization - it all can now be controlled by code.

Watch as Gatsby’s Dan Giordano, Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Joel Smith, Director of Product, show you how functions work and all the amazingly dynamic things you can do with them on Gatsby.

In the webinar, you’ll learn how to use functions to:

  • Create authentication workflows
  • Capture and pass data from form submissions
  • Send data via text message or to Slack or AirTable
  • Extract cookies and identify geolocation
  • Lower your infrastructure costs and operational overhead
  • Make devs happier and more productive

And those are just the basics. There is an incredible number of possibilities with functions, a Gatsby Website, and your imagination. This webinar will make sure you get started on the right foot.


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