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How To Lead A Successful Modular Web Implementation

Decoding the patterns

There’s no one right way to move to the modular web. Organizations, technology stacks, and team structures vary too much.

But watching hundreds of companies, we’ve observed a few universal patterns – and now, we’re ready to share them with you.

On Thursday, Jan 19, join Gatsby director of product marketing Neha Varshneya and Gatsby co-founder Sam Bhagwat, who will expand on some of the material in Modular: The Web’s New Architecture. You’ll:

  • Meet three modular web trailblazers – David the Developer Enthusiast, Abigail the Agency Owner, and Adam the Architect – and learn the challenges each one has to overcome
  • Learn about three types of organizational journeys your company might be on – the Butterfly (outgrowing a CMS), the Eagle (scanning for growth opportunities), and the Phoenix (company refresh, relaunch, or rebrand) – and how the modular web fits into each one
  • Learn how to evaluate your company’s readiness for the modular web and identify potential areas of risk to mitigate


  • Sam Bhagwat, Co-founder & CSO, Gatsby
  • Neha Varshneya, Director of Product Marketing, Gatsby
Modular Web Implementation

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