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How To Design Your Modular Web Architecture

Building your Modular Web Architecture

Building a modular web architecture can mean making 5-10 important technology choices. React or Vue? Gatsby or Next? Gatsby Cloud, Netlify, or Vercel? Contentful or Sanity? Shopify or BigCommerce?

In writing Modular: The Web’s New Architecture, Gatsby co-founder Sam Bhagwat talked to dozens of tech leads to get insights on crafting architectures that have solid components but also hang together well. He outlines categories, criteria, tricks and tools teams have found to integrate important workflows, and a methodology called “incremental architecture” for making these choices quickly with low risk.

Join Sam, along with Gatsby director of product marketing Neha Varshneya, on Tuesday as they deep-dive into how great architectures are built and answer questions from the community.


  • Sam Bhagwat, Co-founder & CSO, Gatsby
  • Neha Varshneya, Director of Product Marketing, Gatsby
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