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High-Performance Localization with Gatsby and Storyblok

How to localize more pages with fast build times and speedy site performance

Localizing is fantastic for reaching new markets with content that speaks in their preferred language.

But each new language can exponentially grow your site’s footprint. For static sites, that can mean longer build times and increased complexity, leaving you with potentially challenging tradeoffs when scaling your localization efforts.

With Gatsby, you don’t have to tradeoff adding new locales with longer publishing times or extra site admin. And we’re teaming up with Storyblok to show you how to scale localization efficiently and performantly.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Two proven strategies for efficiently localizing content within Storyblok: Field-Level Translation and Folder-Level Translation (which we’ll demo)
  • How to manage localized pages and their slugs for easier site admin
  • How to leverage Gatsby’s Static, Dynamic, and Deferred rendering modes to cut build times and ensure optimal frontend performance where it matters most
  • How to use Gatsby Cloud to further reduce build times by running your queries in parallel

We’ll be showing you a demo of these capabilities, followed by Q&A.


  • Arisa Fukuzaki, Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok
  • Jack Sellwood, Senior Product Manager at Gatsby

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