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How Gatsby Supercharges Content Creation With Contentful

Learn to leverage Contentful the Gatsby way to empower marketers and drive developer efficiency

Gatsby uses Contentful on gatsbyjs.com, and like you, we have developers who want to efficiently build a beautiful, performant site and marketers who quickly want to create whatever content that’ll engage and convert visitors.

Gatsby and Contentful are a popular and powerful combination in the Jamstack, but this harmonized workflow between devs and marketers hasn’t come ready out of the box until now.

Gatsby has open-sourced our Contentful content model and self-serve landing page creation so you can skip the learning curve and get right to the good part: making content that delights your audience and grows your business.

Whether you are exploring going headless with Contentful, or you’re a Jamstacking Contentful pro, you’ll want to watch to learn how to:

  • Get started with Gatsby’s off-the-shelf Contentful demo and content model
  • Create self-serve landing pages for your marketing team
  • Leverage Contentful’s most powerful text editing capabilities
  • Collaborate using Gatsby’s real-time, sharable content previews
  • Use Gatsby’s data layer to source data from anywhere in concert with Contentful
  • Implement best practices for harmonious dev-marketer collaboration


  • Stefan Judis, Senior Manager, Developer Relations at Contentful
  • Dan Giordano, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Gatsby

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