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From pitch to publish: Delivering successful Gatsby client projects

How to expertly sell, build, and support your projects so you can grow your agency with Gatsby

Clients adore Gatsby’s peak front-end performance, SEO, and smooth publishing experience. Dev teams love the opinionated UI and integrated data layer that makes building a world-class site wickedly efficient. Pair those two together, and Gatsby is the perfect fit to scale your agency in 2022.

This class-like webinar will empower you to put these attributes into practice so you can confidently and cost-effectively deliver Gatsby client sites again, again, and again.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify a “good fit” client for Gatsby
  • How to pitch the benefits of Gatsby in sales meetings
  • Using Gatsby’s data layer to integrate multiple data sources and CMSs
  • How to leverage Gatsby’s multiple rendering modes for large, complex projects
  • Tips to best support a Gatsby site on an ongoing basis


  • Grayson Hicks, Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success at Gatsby
  • Dan Giordano, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Gatsby

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