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Gatsby Concierge

Builds Concierge Bundle

For large, mission-critical websites, the Builds Concierge Bundle can help minimize build times while providing ongoing support

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Dramatically improve builds speeds

The Gatsby Builds Concierge Bundle will help you fine tune your entire CI/CD pipeline for the fastest Gatsby builds possible and deliver ongoing support

Get a baseline of your builds

The Gatsby Team will use our Builds Scoring Calculator on your website to benchmark best practices and to enable us to create a plan for how to minimize your build speeds.

Explore build-time bottlenecks

Gatsby Engineers will review the run-time details of your Gatsby site, giving you a comprehensive view of your website’s performance.

Stack-ranked remediation proposal

Get actionable advice in our stack-ranked remediation proposal, which can help your internal team or our professional services experts make important improvements, fast.

Quarterly check-ins and ongoing support

Receive a quarterly review of your builds performance to monitor progress plus have access to Gatsby Support for any production website issues.

Dedicated support and training for the entire team

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Get support when you need it the most with firm SLAs and actual answers

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Check in quarterly against baseline tests and make sure your team is headed in the right direction

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Hands On

Learn the fundamentals of Gatsby’s technology in a live session, including Q&A, hosted by our team

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