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Gatsby Theme Shopify_Manager

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Quickstart guide

Install this with npm:

npm install gatsby-theme-shopify-manager

Or with yarn:

yarn add gatsby-theme-shopify-manager

Set up your gatsby-config.js:

  resolve: `gatsby-theme-shopify-manager`,
  options: {
    shopName: `your-shop-name`,
    accessToken: `your-storefront-api-access-token`,

Import a hook:

import {useCart} from 'gatsby-theme-shopify-manager';

Start coding. 🚀

Full documentation

The full docs are found at https://gatsbythemeshopifymanager.com/.


To contribute to this repo, pull the repo and ask for the appropriate .env values for the /docs site. Then to start the project, simply run yarn start at the project root.

To add a new version, take the following steps:

  1. Increment the /docs version of gatsby-theme-shopify-manager to whatever it will be.
  2. Stage any changes you want to be part of the commit.
  3. Run yarn version within the gatsby-theme-shopify-manager directory.
  4. Change the version number to the appropriate release number (major, minor, patch).
  5. Run git push --tags and git push.
  6. Run npm publish.
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