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The analytics of your website, but simpler

Vantevo Analytics is the alternative platform to Google Analytics that respects privacy, because it does not need cookies not compliant with the GDPR. Easy to use, light and can be integrated into any website and back-end.

For more information visit the website

Official plugin Vantevo Analytics for Gatsby.


npm install vantevo-analytics-gatsby


To start tracking page views and events, you need add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js.

module.exports = {
  "plugins": [
      "resolve": "vantevo-analytics-gatsby",
      "options": {
        "excludePath": [],
        "dev": false,
        "hash": false,
        "domain": null,
        "manualPageview": false,
        "outboundLinks": false,
        "trackFiles": null,
        "saveExtensionFiles": false,
        "srcScript": null

These are the parameters available for the tracker settings, all fields are optional.

Option Type Description Default
excludePath array (Optional) You can exclude one or more pages from the statistics, settings []
dev boolean (Optional) Tracker will not send data to server, please check browser console to view request information. false
hash boolean (Optional) Allows tracking based on URL hash changes. false
domain string (Optional) Use this option when the script is installed on a different domain than the one entered on Vantevo Analytics. To use this function remember to authorize the domain to be able to save the statistics, for more information read more. null
manualPageview boolean (Optional) Allows you to track page views automatically, the script uses the popstate event to navigate the site. false
outboundLinks boolean (Optional) Allows you to monitor all outbound links from your site automatically, the script uses the click and auxclick events. false
trackFiles string (Optional) Is a list of extensions, separated by commas, example: zip,mp4,avi,mp3. Whenever a user clicks on a link, the script checks if the file extension is in the list you entered in the parameter and sends a File Download event with the value url. null
saveExtensionFiles boolean (Optional) Allows you to save in the event detail together with the url also the name of the file extension as meta_key to get more information and statistics about your files to download. false
srcScript string (Optional) You can download the vantevo.js file local instead of using the file externally.

Vantevo Analytics Guide

To see all the features and settings of Vantevo Analytics we recommend that you read our complete guide here.

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