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Community Plugin
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Remark Reveal Mutate

A Gatsby Remark plugin to mutate Markdown contents for reveal.js.

This implementation is inspired by gatsby-remark-slidify

[:construction: Plugin Under Development]


# not published to npm registry. hence use `npm link` to use the plugin locally
npm link <path to sc-remark-reveal-mutate-plugin>


Add the following plugin configuration in gatsby-config.js to activate the plugin

This is a remark mutate plugin. Hence, the plugin should be configured as a plugin of gatsby-transformer-remark

    resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`,
    options: {
        plugins: [
                resolve: 'sc-remark-reveal-mutate',

Markdown Content

The following structure is used to represent the markdown contents for reveal slide deck.

reveal: true    # frontmatter says it is reveal content
--v--           # used to annotate vertical slide
--h--           # used to annotate horizontal slide
reveal-note:     # used to annotate notes

A sample markdown content is given below

reveal: true

# StackCheats

StackCheats is a personal blog created by Athiththan.


## Now Supports Reveal!!!

StackCheats now supports `revealjs` slide decks to provide more feasible contents. Now you can move down to learn more


## Yay!!!

Now you are watching a vertical slide content


This a side (speaker) note section presenting few additional points or notes relevant to this particular slide. 



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