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Community Plugin
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Google Analytics Page Views

A Gatsby source plugin to retrieve page views from Google Analytics for StackCheats. Please find the plugin configurations and docs below

[:construction: Development in progress]


Add the following plugin configuration in gatsby-config.js to activate the plugin

    resolve: `sc-ga-views`,
    options: {
        email: process.env.GA_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_MAIL,
        viewId: process.env.GA_VIEW_ID,
        keyFile: `<path to secrets (JSON | P12)>`,

To communicate with Google Analytics, a service account is required. Once the Service Account is successfully created and the Google Analytics API is enabled, fill the plugin configurations with the following

email       Service Account email
viewId      Google Analytics View ID
keyFile     Secrets Key file generated for Service Account (JSON | P12)


Following GraphQL can be used to retrieve the page views

allSheetViews(filter: {slug: {eq: $slug } }) {
    edges {
        node {
sheetViews(slug: {eq: $slug }) {



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