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Remark Ninja


Remark Ninja is a light-weight comment system for GatsbyJS (and other React-based) sites.


Register and create a site

Remark Ninja is a hosted service, so you need to register and create a site first.

React-based sites

Install the remark-ninja-react component:

npm i -S remark-ninja-react

Then place the component at the appropriate place in your project.

import Comments from 'remark-ninja-react';

// ...

<Comments siteId='your-site-id'
          threadSlug='unique-thread-slug' />

Explanation of the props:

Props Meaning
siteId Unique ID for the site. You can find it on the site settings page
threadSlug Optional. Unique ID for the current comment thread. Generated from the page URL path if omitted.

Please refer to the documentation for further information.

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