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Community Plugin
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📝 Populate code blocks from files.

npm version

Starting from v1.0.0, the plugin is now ESM only. Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.


npm install -D remark-code-import


The plugin can be imported via named export, there’s no default export.

import codeImport from 'remark-code-import';

See Using plugins for more instructions in the official documentation.

It can also be used in various of libraries: remark: MDX, Gatsby gatsby-plugin-mdx, Storybook docs.



```js file=./say-hi.js


```js file=./say-hi.js
console.log('Hello remark-code-import!');

The file path is relative to the markdown file path. You can use <rootDir> at the start of the path to import files relatively from the rootDir:

```js file=<rootDir>/file-under-root-directory.js

You may also specify lines or ranges:

Only line 3:
```js file=./say-hi.js#L3

Line 3 to line 6:
```js file=./say-hi.js#L3-L6

Line 3 to the end of the file
```js file=./say-hi.js#L3-

File paths with spaces should be escaped with \:

```js file=./file\ with\ spaces.js


  • async: boolean: By default, this plugin uses readFileSync to read the contents of the files. Set this to true if you want to use readFile for non-blocking IO.
  • rootDir: string: Change what <rootDir> refers to. Defaults to process.cwd().
  • preserveTrailingNewline: boolean: By default, this plugin will trim the trailing newline of the file when importing the code. You can preserve the trailing new line in the code block by setting this option to true.
  • removeRedundantIndentations: boolean: Set to true to remove redundant indentations for each line. For instance, the imported code of:
      First line
        Second line
    will become…
    First line
      Second line
  • allowImportingFromOutside: boolean: For security reasons, by default this plugin doesn’t allow importing files from outside the root directory (rootDir). Set this option to true to bypass this limit.

Use as a Gatsby remark plugin

Use the /gatsby endpoint. It’s possible through to-gatsby-remark-plugin.

  resolve: 'remark-code-import/gatsby',
  options: {}


After installing dependencies with npm install, the tests can be run with: npm test


Kai Hao MIT

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