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Gatsby Generator

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Quickly scaffold your own progressive, lightweight Gatsby sites and plugins with configurable generators.

Site generator

Scaffold out an opinionated, optimised Gastby website stack

Core Features

  • 100/100 Lighthouse scores out of the box
  • Lightweight set of style-agnostic functional base components
  • Internal generators for pages and components (built on Plop)
  • Basic React CSS Modules and PostCSS support
  • Storybook 5 preconfigured for Gatsby
  • Prettier and Stylelint configured out of the box
  • Development build notifications

Optional extras

  • Netlify deployment configuration (HTTP/2 push, lamda proxying)
  • Prismic source boilerplate with new GraphQL API
  • MobX state management
  • Starter CSS design system (built on Bloom)
  • Dynamic CSS variables polyfilling
  • Style agnostic, React-friendly form components
  • Robust video, button, and other base components

Plugin generator

Scaffold lightweight Gatsby plugins, following best practices from Gatsby recommendations


Installation and usage

Install the generator and the yo runner globally

npm i -g generator-gatsby yo

Run the site generator by calling gatsby-generator directly

yo gatsby

Run the plugin generator by calling gatsby:plugin

yo gatsby:plugin

Then follow the prompts to scaffold your project.

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