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Community Plugin
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This plugin extends one or more Gatsby GraphQL types and adds the following fields:

  • excerpt: it returns the excerpt of a given text field in a given type.
  • readingTimeInMinutes: it returns the reading time in minutes of given a text field in a given type.

Text field

This plugin only works with text fields that implement the Portable Text specification.

Example of a Portable Text definition:

  "style": "h1",
  "_type": "block",
  "children": [
      "_type": "span",
      "text": "This is a heading"


This blog uses the excerpt and readingTimeInMinutes.


This plugin does not depend on other plugins, but it comes in handy with plugins that implement Portable Text such as gatsby-source-sanity.

How to install

npm i gatsby-transform-portable-text --save

// in your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [
    // ...
      resolve: `gatsby-transform-portable-text`,
      options: {
        extendTypes: [{ typeName: `SanityPost`, contentFieldName: "body" }]
  // ...

Available options

Options Type Default Description
extendTypes array of { typeName: string, contentFieldName: string } [required] typeName is the name of the type in the schema to be extended. contentFieldName is the field in the extended type that implements Portable Text

When do I use this plugin?

Useful to display the excerpt or the reading time in minutes of a type that returns Portable Text such as a blog post implemented using Sanity.io.

Examples of usage

query Example {
  sanityPost(id: { eq: $id }) {

How to contribute

Thanks for your interest in contributing to this plugin! Pull Requests welcome for any level of improvement, from a small typo to a new section, help us make the project better.

How to run the tests

yarn test

Pull Requests

To submit a pull request, follow these steps

  1. Fork and clone this repo
  2. Create a branch for your changes
  3. Install dependencies with yarn
  4. Make changes locally
  5. Make sure tests pass, otherwise update the tests
  6. Commit your changes
  7. Push your branch to origin
  8. Open a pull request in this repository with a clear title and description and link to any relevant issues
  9. Wait for a maintainer to review your PR
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