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Gatsby Theme Simple Shopify is gatsby theme created for the Gatsby themejam 2019. It is designed to add a simple Shopify Store to any existing Gatsby website.



Add this to your gatsby site by using

npm install gatsby-theme-simple-shopify
// or 
yarn add gatsby-theme-simple-shopify

Then include it into your gatsby-config.js file by adding it to your plugins:

plugins: [
    resolve: 'gatsby-theme-simple-shopify',
    options: {
      shopName: process.env.GATSBY_SHOP_NAME,
      accessToken: process.env.GATSBY_SHOPIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN,
      basePath: '/',

You must have both a GATSBY_SHOP_NAME and a GATSBY_SHOPIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN configured in your process.env variable for this to work properly. Without this, shopify-buy will not be able to connect to your store. Check out the example site’s gatsby-config.js file for an example.


Note: All components that include some sort of JSX export have a .jsx extension. Example: Layout.jsx

Theming your… err… theme

This Gatsby-theme was created using the power of Styled Components and Rebass. Because of this, you can override the default theme by shadowing the theme.js file found in the root of the src/ directory. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Create a theme.js file in your src/ directory.

Here are the default values for the file 2. Create a gatsby-theme-simple-shopify folder in your src/ directory. 3. Import the theme.js file created in step 1, then export it as default.


import theme from '../theme';

export default theme;

Adding navigation to the default pages (e.g. a Navbar)

To include navigation components such as a Navbar, a Footer or any other element there’s two options:

Option 1. Overriding the Layout.jsx component

This component’s only job is to include a Styled Components’ ThemeProvider with its corresponding theme. You can change this by creating your own Layout component and then shadowing the Layout.jsx file found in gatsby-theme-simple-shopify/components/Layout.jsx. Example

Option 2. Overriding the page templates

All page templates are stored in the theme’s templates folder.

They are all structured in the following way:

  • An index.jsx file that exports the page component and its corresponding page

query. This file also sets the title using the page pageTitle or, in the case of a Product Page, the pageTitleTemplate which are extracted from a strings.json file found in the same folder. Read more in the Changing the default strings section. Example

  • A Page component which sets the general structure for the page.

Example page component

  • A strings.json file that determines the strings for that page.
  • Several other components that create the page structure.

This structure may seem complex, but it makes it easier to shadow single components instead of whole pages. As an example, you could change how the description looks in a product by shadowing the DescriptionBox component.

Changing the default strings

All page components, plus the ProductCounter component, include a strings.json file which stores the strings used for the theme. This includes:

  • Page titles
  • Headers
  • Aria labels
  • Button labels
  • Other strings, like the “Price:” label seen in a product page.

By shadowing these you could make small modifications that fit up your website’s look and feel or even change the language for the whole store.

Plugin options

  // Both of these values should be included in your process.env as explained
  // in the Installation section, as the theme uses them to access your store.
  // You'll probably be using them as following:
  shopName: process.env.GATSBY_SHOP_NAME,
  accessToken: process.env.GATSBY_SHOPIFY_ACCESS_TOKEN,

  // Optional. Defaults to "/". Use this to set the base path for all the pages
  // created by this theme.
  basePath: "/",

Modifying the currency locales

The default currency and locales are both set in the config.json file and then formatted using the Intl.NumberFormat API.

Multiple Locales are not currently supported.


As this theme is still in an early phase, there’s a lot that hasn’t been done:

  • You cannot use product variants for your shopify products. This is a

feature which will be added in a future build.

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