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Gatsby Theme Jam Example Submission

This is a bare-bones Gatsby theme to showcase how a Theme Jam submission should look.

See the live demo


To use this theme in your Gatsby sites, follow these instructions:

  1. Install the theme

    npm i gatsby-theme-pure
  2. Add the theme to your gatsby-config.js:

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
  3. Start your site

    gatsby develop

Submission Checklist

To ensure your Theme Jam submission follows the rules, use this checklist:

  • Use our accessibility guide to ensure your site meets our accessibility standards
  • Run a performance audit using Lighthouse and/or WebPageTest
  • Set up a live demo using Netlify or GitHub Pages
  • Add installation documentation to the README
  • Update the name field in package.json
  • Update the author field in package.json
  • Update the repository field in package.json
  • Make sure the theme’s keywords in package.json include gatsby, gatsby-theme, and gatsby-plugin
  • Publish your theme to npm (docs)
  • Submit your theme at
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