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🥔 A Potato Theme for Gatsby

A blog theme for Gatsby. To see what it looks like, have a look at the demo blog or my personal blog.

Warning! I created this theme because I wanted to separate the content and the presentation of my personal blog. I tried to make it as clean as possible, but you shouldn’t consider it reusable as is. Still, feel free to fork it, hack it, submit issues, PRs, or to use it as you want 😉


  • Write your articles in Markdown
  • Add a language and a category to each post
  • Add a cover image to your posts
  • Display the reading time
  • Add infos for Twitter Cards
  • Add a newsletter subscription form to sidebar or post footer
  • Add static pages


The easiest way to boostrap a new blog with this theme is to clone the demo blog, for instance by downloading a ZIP of the repo.

  • /content contains posts, pages and assets.
  • /src contains components you want to customize (see section Customization below).


Options are set in the gatsby-config.js file:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-theme-potato`,
      options: {
        postsPrefix: 'posts'
// ...

Available options:

  • postsPrefix: prefix for posts URL. If empty, the URL will be /the-post-slug; if you set it to posts, it will be /posts/the-post-slug


Some parts of this theme were designed so you can customize them by overriding source files:

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