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Gatsby Theme Photo Albums

With this theme, you may add some photo albums to your Gatsby site. The albums are generated from folders and image files that are placed within a specific directory. To see the theme in action, check out this demo.


  1. Set up a Gatsby site.

  2. Install the theme

    npm i gatsby-theme-photo-albums


    yarn add gatsby-theme-photo-albums
  3. Add the theme to your gatsby-config.js:

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [
          resolve: "gatsby-theme-photo-albums",


If you want to change the default behavior, add some options to gatsby-config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-theme-photo-albums",
      options: {
        baseUrl: '/', // the path to the photo albums from your site (default: '/')
        photosPerPage: 15, // the number of photos to display on a page (default: 15)
        albumsPath: 'photo-albums', // the directory where you put photo albums (default: 'photo-albums')
        folderIconDir: folder-icon // the directory containing a custom folder icon (do not specify the file name)

Adding Photo Albums

Add some folders and image files to your albums directory. The default directory is photo-albums, but this can be changed with the albumsPath configuration option. Each folder you create inside the albums directory is a photo album.

Customizing Styles

This theme utilizes gatsby-plugin-theme-ui, which makes it easy to override CSS styles provided by the theme. If you want to change the styles provided by this theme, create a src/gatsby-theme-photo-albums directory in your site and add a file called theme.js to the directory. To override the styles, you will want to do a deep merge of the original styles object. One way to do this merge is to use Lodash merge function.

To install the Lodash merge function:

npm i lodash.merge


yarn add lodash.merge

Here is an example of a style customization, where the default background color is changed, by using the Lodash merge function in the src/gatsby-theme-photo-albums/theme.js file:

import merge from 'lodash.merge'
import baseTheme from 'gatsby-theme-photo-albums/src/theme'

export const theme = merge({}, baseTheme, {
  colors: {
    background: '#eee',

export default theme

The default styles can be seen in the src/theme.js file of the gastsby-theme-photo-albums theme.

Component Shadowing

Thanks to Gatsby’s awesome Component Shadowing functionality, you may override any component provided by gatsby-theme-photo-albums. For example, you may change the text of the “Next Page” pagination link, by implementing your own custom PreviousPageText component. To override PreviousPageText, add the following code to a file called src/gatsby-theme-photo-albums/components/pagination/PreviousPageText.js:

import React from 'react'

const NextPageText = () => 
  <span className='next-page'>
    Siguiente →

export default NextPageText

In the example above, the text of the “Next Page” pagination link was changed from English to Spanish. To see other components that may be overriden with Component Shadowing, look in the src directory of the gatsby-theme-photo-albums theme.

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