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Welcome to gatsby-theme-minsbi, a Gatsby theme by Andrew Mok. It’s a simple Gatsby theme for blog and static website. Use it easily to create contents by Markdown.



🚀 Getting started

npm i gatsby-theme-minsbi
## or
yarn gatsby-theme-minsbi

How to use

Edit gatsby-config.js and replace siteMetadata by the following configs:

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    title: '',
    author: 'Author Name',
    authorDescription: 'Author description here!',
    description: 'Site description',
    siteUrl: 'https://examplesite.com',
    seoKeywords: [],
    location: 'Hong Kong',
    email: 'no-reply@email.com',
    social: {
      github: 'github',
      linkedin: '',
      facebook: 'facebook',
      instagram: 'instagram',
      twitter: 'twitter',
      medium: '',

And add the following configs to plugins array:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-theme-minsbi',
      // You can edit the following options, or ignore them if you don't care. 
      // Note that siteName is required for RSS.
      options: {
        siteName: '',
        showIntro: false,
Options Required? Description
siteName (string) Y Required for RSS
showIntro (boolean) N Show introduction in home page
compactMode (boolean) N DEPRECATED

Writing contents and replacing images

Check example-site for the sample folder structure for blog posts, about page.

You can replace the markdown files in content to update your website. You can change the images by replacing images in assets folder.

├── assets
|   ├── about.jpg
|   └── ...
├── content
|   ├── about
|   |   └── index.md
|   ├── blog
|   |   ├── 2020
|   |   |   └── title
|   |   |       └── index.md
|   |   └── ...
└── ...

Customizing the theme

To customize the colors used in the theme, shadow the files inside src/gatsby-theme-minsbi/themes. To extend the colors usage, import the base colors and export a new color object. Check Component Shadowing for the usage.


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