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πŸ‘€ Gatsby Minimalist Theme

Welcome to my Minimalist Gatsby Theme repository! A live demo of the theme can be found here.

πŸ’» Installation

To use the Gatsby Minimalist Theme in your site, follow this instruction:

  1. Install Theme:

    yarn add gatsby-theme-minimalist
  2. Add this theme to your gatsby-config.js file and adjust the options to fit your needs.
    You can find a detailed explanation about the options object further below.

    module.exports = {
      plugins: [{
        resolve: "gatsby-theme-minimalist",
        options: {
          // SEO
          title: "Your site title",
          description: "Your site description",
          siteUrl: "",
          appName: "Your pwa app name",
          // Content
          headline: "Your headline",
          subHeadline: "Your <strong>meaningful</strong> message.<br/>",
          socialList: [{
            icon: 'FaGithub', // a detailed explanation can be found in the options section
            url: '',
            ariaLabel: 'Link to my GitHub profile',
  3. Start developing:

    yarn develop
  4. Build production:

    yarn build

βš™οΈ Options

In order to provide a big selection of icons, this theme makes use of the fabulous React Icons library. The React Icons library comes with 9 different icon sets (FontAwesome, Ionic, Material Design, Typicons, Github Octicons, Feather, Game, Weather, and Dev). Just browse through the vast list of icons and copy the icon name (e.g. FaTwitter) and paste it to your options in the socialList[{icon: 'FaTwitter'}] option section.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Contributing

Just submit an issue, be it a bug report or a feature request. I’m always happy to accept new pull requests.

πŸ™Œ Credits

Special thanks to @JCofman for the idea and recommendation to use React Icons in this theme!

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