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Gatsby Theme for Marketing/Launch Sites

This is an ideal theme if you’re looking to set up simple pages on a site.

This theme currently relies on Sanity.io; in the future we plan to add support for multiple back-ends.


IMPORTANT: To set this site up, you’ll need a Sanity instance available and the GraphQL API deployed. See the Theme Jam website source for the expected page schema and the Sanity source plugin for Gatsby for deployment details.

yarn add gatsby-theme-marketing-sanity

Create environment variables to identify which Sanity instance should be used for loading data. For development, add a file called .env.development to the root of your project and put this inside:

# get this at manage.sanity.io in your project’s settings

In your gatsby-config.js:

+ require('dotenv').config({
+   path: `.env.${process.env.NODE_ENV}`,
+ });

  module.exports = {
    plugins: [
+     {
+       resolve: 'gatsby-theme-marketing',
+       options: {
+         sanity: {
+           projectId: process.env.GATSBY_SANITY_PROJECT_ID,
+           dataset: process.env.GATSBY_SANITY_DATASET,
+           watchMode: true,
+         },
+       },
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