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A Gatsby theme for publishing Knowledge Base.

See the demo and documentation.


Setup in your Gatsby project

  1. Install dependency
yarn add gatsby-theme-kb
  1. Add these to your gatsby-config.js file:
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-theme-kb`,
      options: {
        contentPath: path.resolve(__dirname, 'content'),
        rootNote: 'readme',
        wikiLinkLabelTemplate: '[[{{ refWord }}]]',
        getPluginMdx(defaultPluginMdx) {
          // customise pre-configured `gatsby-plugin-mdx`, for example:
          // defaultPluginMdx.options.gatsbyRemarkPlugins.push({
          //   resolve: 'gatsby-remark-prismjs',
          // })
          return defaultPluginMdx
  1. Add notes to your site by adding md or mdx files in content directory, especially you need a content/ file if you are using above configs.

  2. Start developing your site by running gatsby develop. If you are using above configuration, your start url will be ’http://localhost:8000‘.



Key Default value Description
rootNote /readme Root note’s name (without exts)
contentPath Location of local content
extensions ['.md', '.mdx'] Valid content file exts
ignore ['.git'] A list of file globs to ignore
wikiLinkLabelTemplate A template string for specifying wiki link label, see [ options.wikiLinkLabelTemplate](# options.wikiLinkLabelTemplate)
getPluginMdx (defaultPluginMdx) => PluginMdx Customise pre-configured gatsby-plugin-mdx, please do always return a valid gatsby plugin object
tocTypes ['sidebar'] Customise the toc location, type is `false | Array<‘inline’
slugifyFn (name) => require('slugify')(name) Customise the url slug of a given file name


When a wikilink is resolved and rendered as an anchor element, the anchor label is by default [[reference-word]]. But some people may prefer some other forms, so here is one option for specifying the link label you want.

The template string will be processed in a mustache alike manner, the variable inside {{}} will be replaced by real value. Currently there are some variables available:

  • refWord, the reference word inside the double brackets, usually it’s the filename (without exts).
  • title, the title of the page, may be the frontmatter title field value, or h1 of the markdown content.

For example there is page A, filename is, page title is Awesome Themes.

And in page B I write the reference as [[page-a]].

  • config wikiLinkLabelTemplate: '[[ {{refWord}} ]]', will generate [[ page-a ]] as link label.
  • config wikiLinkLabelTemplate: '{{title}}', will generate Awesome Themes as link label.
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