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Jamstack Conferencing built on GatsbyJS, NetlifyCMS, and Firebase

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Jamfire Conference is a Gatsby theme built with Netlify CMS and Firebase for online conferencing. This is a multi-lingual theme that features a lobby, the ability to livestream, go to breakout Jitsi-based groups, chat while on the site, as well as a few other odds and ends useful for anyone hosting an online conference. You will need a Github account to log into Netlify CMS, Firebase account, and static file hosting. This site has been tested on Netlify and Gatsby Cloud for hosting and both work well.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is by deploying the starter to Netlify or Gatsby Cloud. Be sure to setup the correct environment variables to deploy a successful build.

Deploy to Netlify Deploy to Gatsby Cloud

Environment Configuration

Setup the following enviornment variables either in a .env.development file or through your hosting provider.

# site vars

# netlify cms

# firebase

# optional analytics

# optional locales

# deepl api key for automated chat translation

Firebase Configuration

This theme needs some basic Firebase setup in order to work correctly. You will need to create a Google Firebase account and then enable authentication choices of your liking. You will also need to create an index on the messages table in your Firestore Database.

Messages index to create:

event_id Ascending created_at Ascending

Geolocation indexes to create:

slug Descending created_at Descending

You need to implement the following security rules on your Firestore Database.

rules_version = '2';
service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /messages/{message} {
      allow read: if true;
    	allow write: if request.auth != null;
    match /geolocation/{geolocation} {
      allow read: if true;
    	allow write: if true;

Theme Configuration

Add the package to your Gatsby site:

yarn add gatsby-theme-jamfire-conference

Simply add gatsby-theme-jamfire-conference to your plugins under gastby-config.js. Your content will live under the ./content directory in your main repository. When new features get implemented in the the theme, they will automatically be fetched when you upgrade packages or during the build process.

plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-theme-jamfire-conference`,

Theme Shadowing

GatsbyJS supports Theme Shadowing, allowing you to customize any part of another theme. View the shadowing docs to see how to do this. For example, you might want add information to the footer area of this theme. Copy the Footer component to ./src/gatsby-theme-jamfire-conference/components/Site/footer.tsx and customize to your liking.

Translations & Locales

The theme interface supports multiple translations that were translated via DeepL. Machine translations are always subject to accuracy. If you find an incorrect translation, please submit it as an issue and we’ll update it in new releases. If you would like to create a translation, submit a pull request.

To use translations, you will need to set a default locale and also a csv list of locales you would like to use. This will become available in Netlify CMS as well as a language picker in the header of this theme. Use the lowercase 2-letter code for languages you want to enable. English is the default locale if left unset.

The first locale set in GATSBY_LOCALES will be the first language that NetlifyCMS uses in the editing interface.


The following languages are available:

| | | | | | | ---------------- | ---------------- | ----------------- | ----------------- | -------------- | --- | | “BG” - Bulgarian | “CS” - Czech | “DA” - Danish | “DE” - German | “EL” - Greek | | “EN” - English | “ES” - Spanish | “ET” - Estonian | “FI” - Finnish | “FR” - French | | “HU” - Hungarian | “IT” - Italian | “JA” - Japanese | “LT” - Lithuanian | “LV” - Latvian | | “NL” - Dutch | “PL” - Polish | “PT” - Portuguese | “RO” - Romanian | “RU” - Russian | | “SK” - Slovak | “SL” - Slovenian | “SV” - Swedish | “TR” - Turkish | “ZH” - Chinese | |






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