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Community Plugin
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Add tag pages to your Gatsby theme-based blog.


With npm:

npm install --save gatsby-theme-blog-tags

With yarn:

yarn add gatsby-theme-blog-tags


The tags theme depends upon gatsby-theme-blog-core, so make sure you also have it installed and configured:

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    title: 'Hello, world!'
  plugins: [


Name Default Description
basePath /tags Base path for tag pages

Shadow the tag components

By default, the tags theme only sets up the data and programmatically creates pages. They render the data in a pre tag so you can see the data that’s passed to the page. If you’re using the theme directly you will need to shadow the files so you can customize their rendering.

mkdir -p src/gatsby-theme-blog-tags/components

cp node_modules/gatsby-theme-blog-tags/src/components/tag.js \

cp node_modules/gatsby-theme-blog-tags/src/components/tags.js \

Latent shadowing

If you’re building a theme that optionally supports tags you can use latent shadowing to activate the pages when gatsby-theme-blog-tags is added as a sibling theme. To do so, follow the shadow instructions above.



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