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WIP A bare-bones, unstyled MDX blog theme for Gatsby

This theme is intended for use as a base (i.e. parent) theme which can be used to create custom blog themes.


npm i gatsby-theme-blank

In your own theme’s gatsby-config.js, add this theme to the plugins array.

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [

Add other plugins as needed, and shadow these components to customize the presentation layer:

  • src/gatsby-theme-blank/posts.js: root-level index page
  • src/gatsby-theme-blank/post.js: post detail page

In the consuming site, add .mdx files to the src/posts/ directory to add blog posts.


  • The implementation details in gatsby-node.js are likely to change in the near future, but the outward API should stay the same.
  • Posts are ordered by an exported date value or a date frontmatter field
  • Titles are derived from the first heading found in the MDX document

This theme does not:

  • Include any styling
  • Include features like RSS, authors, image processing, etc.
  • Include any additional theme options
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