Source plugin for pulling posts and media items from Wordpress via Graphql.

An example site for using this plugin hosted here:


npm install gatsby-source-wordpress-graphql
# OR
yarn add gatsby-source-wordpress-graphql

How to use

Configure Plugin Options:

  resolve: 'gatsby-source-wordpress-graphql',
  options: {
    // Your Wordpress GQL Endpoint
    host: '',
    // HTTP Authorization Header
    authorization: 'Basic ...',
    // Cache Adapter, either `gatsby` or `persist`
    cacheAdapter: 'gatsby',
    // Records to fetch per request
    perPage: 100,
    // Media Item Import batch size
    batchSize: 10,
    // Content transformation options via unihtml
    transformContent: ({ clean }) => { clean() }
    // Skip checking for new resources after initial sync
    cacheOnly: false,
    // List of resources to import
    importResources: ['post', 'page', 'user', 'category', 'media']