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Gatsby and gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental are released under the MIT license. Current npm package version. Downloads per month on npm. Total downloads on npm. PRs welcome! Follow @gatsbyjs

This package is now published as gatsby-source-wordpress

This page has moved to the Gatsby monorepo!

Hi there! πŸ‘‹ thank you so much for being a beta/alpha tester of this plugin! You’ve helped us bring a much more stable WordPress integration to Gatsby and we’re very thankful for that!

We’ve shipped this plugin as gatsby-source-wordpress@4.0.0. gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental is now deprecated. Please upgrade by npm/yarn installing the latest version of the stable plugin and updating your gatsby-config.js to include the stable plugin name.

We’ve chosen this point to release this plugin as a stable release not because there are no bugs (all software has some bugs), but because this plugin is far more stable than the last major version of gatsby-source-wordpress.

Note that we will continue fixing Github issues you’ve opened in the -experimental repo - those are not forgotten and will be transferred to the Gatsby monorepo.

Thank you! πŸ’œ

Overview 🌞

This plugin works by merging the WPGraphQL schema & data with the Gatsby schema & Node model which allows us to efficiently cache WP data in Gatsby. What this means is that incremental builds, fast builds, and CMS Previews work beautifully! πŸ’…

Developer & Content Creator experience are some of our main focuses with this integration. Please send us your feedback!


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