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A Gatsby Plugin to source Webmentions from


Although it is not required but if you want to optimize the images returned from the plugin you must install:


Learning Resources

For a detailed tutorial on how to use this plugin refer to: How to Use Webmentions with Gatsby.js – A Beginner’s Guide

How to install

To install this plugin, run the following command

npm install gatsby-source-webmentions

Available options

DOMAIN: (required) the domain name you used to sign in to TOKEN: (required) The token is gotten from your dashboard perPage: Number of Webmentions you want to fetch per page, this is completely optional

When do I use this plugin?

Thid plugin comes in handy when you want to easily display webmentions data on your site. The plugin also allows you to optimize the images returned from the API.

Examples of usage

to use this plugin add it to the list of plugins array in your gatsby-config.js file

  resolve: "gatsby-source-webmentions",
  options: {
    DOMAIN: "", // without https and any slashes
    TOKEN: process.env.WEBMENTIONS_TOKEN, // token from
    perPage: 100, // optional
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