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Community Plugin
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Node.js Package Lint, Test and Publish

A Gatsby plugin that executes Typedoc against TypeScript source files to create GraphQL nodes that contain the TypeDoc generated data structure

Example Usage

# Install the plugin
npm install gatsby-source-typedoc
# Install typedoc as a peer dependency
npm install typedoc -D

In your gatsby-config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-source-typedoc",
      options: {

        // Array of Typescript files to
        // include
        src: [

        // Options passed to Typedoc Application
        // Usually corresponds to CLI args directly
        // See: https://typedoc.org/guides/options/
        typedoc: {
          tsconfig: `${__dirname}/path/to/tsconfig.json`

Version Notes


Starting with typedoc@0.23.x you must use TypeScript 4.6+. See release notes Older versions of Typedoc may throw warnings if you are using TS 4.6+, so for this reason I bumped this package a major version (2.x).

Please use 1.x versions of this package for Typedoc 0.22 or below


Starting with typedoc@0.20.x you must provide a path to the tsconfig.json file. See release notes. This source plugin supports typedoc versions previous to 0.20 but there are breaking changes to the exported JSON you may need to account for.

In GraphQL now you may do:

  typedoc {
    source {
    internal {

The typedoc.internal.content field contains the generated JSON you can use to parse and use in your app. You can optionally use GraphQL to go into the typedoc.source fields but due to the recursive nature of the data structure, this may be more annoying than useful.

Want to be able to transform Typedoc symbol links in Markdown files like [[MyClass]] to link to your Typedoc API docs?

Check out the sister plugin gatsby-remark-typedoc-symbol-links.

How is this being used?

We are using this plugin on excaliburjs.github.io to let us link to symbols dynamically in our documentation.

In theory, you could use this to create an entire Gatsby site for your Typedoc project.


I welcome all contributions. Releases are automated through GitHub.

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