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Medusa is an open-source headless commerce engine that enables developers to create amazing digital commerce experiences. This is a Gatsby source plugin for building websites using Medusa as a data source.

Medusa is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome! Discord Chat Follow @medusajs


This plugin is still under development. Please report any issues or suggestions on the GitHub issues page.


This takes you through the minimal steps to see your Medusa data in your Gatsby site’s GraphiQL explorer.

1. Installation

Install the source plugin to your Gatsby project using your favorite package manager.

npm install gatsby-source-medusa
yarn add gatsby-source-medusa

2. Configuration

Add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js:


module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-source-medusa",
      options: {
        storeUrl: process.env.MEDUSA_URL,
        authToken: process.env.MEDUSA_AUTH_TOKEN //This is optional

The plugin accepts two options storeUrl and authToken. The storeUrl option is required and should point to the server where your Medusa instance is hosted (this could be localhost:9000 in development). The authToken option is optional, and if you add it the plugin will also source orders from your store.

You should now be ready to begin querying your data

You should now be able to view your stores MedusaProducts, MedusaRegions, MedusaCollections, and MedusaOrders (if enabled) in your Gatsby site’s GraphiQL explorer.

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