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gatsby-source-sylius-rest helps you source the data from Sylius e-Commerce framework. It sources all necessary data and creates localized pages for you.

Learning Resources

This source plugin uses API provided by SyliusShopApi bundle.


Please check full docs here.

How to install

Using yarn:

yarn add gatsby-source-sylius-rest

or npm:

npm install --save gatsby-source-sylius-rest

Examples of usage

Add plugin configuration to your gatsby-config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    // plugins
      resolve: 'gatsby-source-sylius-rest',
      options: {
        locales: ['en', 'de'],
        url: 'https://your-sylius-shop.com/shop-api',
        pages: [
            component: require.resolve('./src/templates/SyliusTaxonPage.tsx'),
            type: 'taxon',
            component: require.resolve('./src/templates/SyliusProductPage.tsx'),
            type: 'product',
            path: {
              de: '/:locale/produkt/:slug',
              en: '/:locale/product/:slug',
        schemas: {
          product: {
            variantSelectionMethod: 'String!',


Plugin options

Please check SyliusSourcePluginOptionsInterface definition for TypeScript interface.

Name Required Type Description
debug no boolean Provides additional messages during Gatsby build
limits no SyliusSourcePluginLimits Rows limits used for pagination for specific calls to Sylius Shop API.
locales yes string[] List of supported locales. They are required for retrieving data from Sylius API, sourcing GraphQL nodes and link building.
pages no SyliusSourcePluginPageDefinition[] Definitions of pages which should be created using Gatsby Node API (createPages). If empty, gatsby-source-sylius-rest will not create pages.
schemas no SyliusSourcePluginSchemas Definitions of additional or overriden fields in schemas that will be sourced.
url yes string URL to the Sylius shop API.

How to run tests

Write yarn run test in terminal or use launch configurations in your Visual Studio Code.


  1. Source products attributes.
  2. Source product variant images.
  3. Source latest products.
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