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Gatsby Source to take remote csv endpoints and turn them into gatsby graphql endpoints

This is really mostly used for an excel spreadsheet (mostly with google drive) that has an exposed csv endpoint


To install, run

npm install gatsby-source-remote-csv

How to use

In your gatsby-config.js put this code

  resolve: `gatsby-source-remote-csv`,
  options: {
      "your url here",

run gatsby develop and you should be able to explore the graphql schema at http://localhost:8000/___graphql

You should have a graphql endpoint at AllRemoteCsv and begin to query from there


This plugin has one feature that requires gatsby-transformer-sharp and gatsby-plugin-sharp to be installed and configured. To use this feature run

npm install gatsby-plugin-sharp gatsby-transformer-sharp

then in your gatsby-config.js put

... gatsby config plugins
... gatsby config plugins

The plugin takes a remote url such as https://myimageurl.com/image.jpeg and transforms it to a gatsby image of the name ${columnName} + Image If there is a field called avatar which had a valid url, it would make a new field on the node called avatarImage

This plugin only works for absolute urls (not relative, e.g ../images/image.png) that are valid urls that end in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png

Plugin Options

Here are the default config options for gatsby-source-remote-csv

  resolve: `gatsby-source-remote-csv`,
  options: {
    url: '', // required
    optimizeImages: true, // if false, it does not create gatsby images from remote urls
    transformHeaders: true, // if false, the plugin does not camel case headers and keeps the names to their original state
    transData: false, // do not flag as true this is a function, more on this below

NOTE: the transData option expects a function The function receives two parameters, the current value and the current field The function should return one value, it can be a string, array, number, boolean, etc. This function is internaally the transform function of the csv parser npm package papaparse

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