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Community Plugin
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This source plugin for Gatsby will make images from Pixabay available in GraphQL queries.


# Install the plugin
yarn add gatsby-source-pixabay

In gatsby-config.js:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-source-pixabay',
      options: {
        key: 'YOUR_PIXABAY_API_KEY'

NOTE: To get a Pixabay API key, register for a Pixabay account. You can find your API key in the “Search Images” section of the Pixabay API docs.

Configuration Options

The configuration options for this plugin mirror the “Search Image” options. Please review those docs for more details.

Option Default Description
key [required] Your Pixabay API key
q A URL encoded search term. If omitted, all images are returned. This value may not exceed 100 characters, e.g. “yellow+flower”
lang “en” Language code of the language to be searched in.
Accepted values: cs, da, de, en, es, fr, id, it, hu, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, sk, fi, sv, tr, vi, th, bg, ru, el, ja, ko, zh
image_type “all” Filter results by image type.
Accepted values: “all”, “photo”, “illustration”, “vector”
orientation “all” Whether an image is wider than it is tall, or taller than it is wide.
Accepted values: “all”, “horizontal”, “vertical”
category Filter results by category.
Accepted values: fashion, nature, backgrounds, science, education, people, feelings, religion, health, places, animals, industry, food, computer, sports, transportation, travel, buildings, business, music
min_width 0 Minimum image width.
min_height 0 Minimum image height.
colors Filter images by color properties. A comma separated list of values may be used to select multiple properties.
Accepted values: “grayscale”, “transparent”, “red”, “orange”, “yellow”, “green”, “turquoise”, “blue”, “lilac”, “pink”, “white”, “gray”, “black”, “brown”
editors_choice “false” Select images that have received an Editor’s Choice award.
Accepted values: “true”, “false”
safesearch “false” A flag indicating that only images suitable for all ages should be returned.
Accepted values: “true”, “false”
order “popular” How the results should be ordered.
Accepted values: “popular”, “latest”
page 1 Returned search results are paginated. Use this parameter to select the page number.
per_page 20 Determine the number of results per page.
Accepted values: 3 - 200 number.

Example Configuration

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-source-pixabay',
      options: {
        key: process.env.PIXABAY_API_KEY,
        q: 'candy',
        image_type: 'photo',
        editors_choice: true,
        safesearch: true,
        order: 'popular',
        per_page: 200

Querying Pixabay Images

Once the plugin is configured, two new queries are available in GraphQL: allPixabayPhoto and pixabayPhoto.

Here’s an example query to load 10 images:

query PhotoQuery {
  allPixabayPhoto(limit: 10) {
    edges {
      node {

See the Pixabay API docs or the GraphiQL UI for info on all returned fields.

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