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A Gatsby source plugin for sourcing data into your Gatsby application using Notion.so as a backend.

There is not yet an official API to retrieve data for your pages, so this plugin reverse engineered the current API to get access to the content of a page.

You can find a detailed description about this plugin at: http://www.gatsbyplugins.com


notion.so web side by side

Demo site

Netlify Status

A demo site is available at: http://www.gatsbyplugins.com

This demo site contain detailed information about how to use the plugin.


$ npm install --save gatsby-source-notionso


$ yarn add gatsby-source-notionso


export interface NotionsoPluginOptions extends PluginOptions {
  rootPageUrl: string; // the notion page URL of the root page
  name: string; // name of your data set to identify the data for the instance of this plugin
  tokenv2?: string; // not used yet (the page needs to be public)
  debug?: boolean; // set to true to enable debugging information

The plugin will load the page identified by the rootPageUrl but this page will not be rendered: the root page is supposed to contain references to all the pages you want to retrieve data for.

How to use?

In your gatsby-config.js file:

  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-source-notionso',
      options: {
        name: "<name of your data set>",
        rootPageUrl: "<your page url>",
        debug: false,
      resolve: `gatsby-source-filesystem`,
      options: {
        name: `pages`,
        path: `${__dirname}/src/pages`,

How to query

Get all posts

If the name of your data set is blog, the following request will allow you to retrieve your data.

query {
    filter: { isDraft: { eq: false } }
    sort: { fields: [indexPage], order: DESC }
  ) {
    edges {
      node {


gatsby source plugin development

Notion API

Various Notion API implementations:

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