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MongoDB Stitch Source Plugin for Gatsby


This source plugin serves as a simple wrapper for MongoDB Stitch access within Gatsby. Specifically, the plugin calls a number of supplied functions at build-time to gather nodes.

This plugin expects the result type from stitch to be an array of objects, where each object will be a node in Gatsby.

TODO: Support authentication-required applications.

Learning Resources (optional)

For help setting up a serverless architecture in MongoDB Stitch, feel free to consult the docs.

How to install

Install via your selected package manager, i.e.:

npm install gatsby-source-mongodb-stitch or yarn add gatsby-source-mongodb-stitch.

Available options

option required? description
stitchId Yes The ID of your MongoDB Stitch Application
functions Yes An array of function calls to execute via Stitch. Each element of functions is to be an object with the below properties


Each supplied function should have the following properties:

option required? description
name Yes The name of the function to call
args No An array of arguments to invoke the function name with
resultType Yes The type to use for resulting nodes
getResultId No A function to get the id for a result document (default is _id)

Examples of usage

Once installed, register the plugin by adding to plugins in gatsby-config:

    resolve: 'gatsby-source-mongodb-stitch',
    options: {
        stitchId: /* stitch-app-id */,
        functions: [
                name: /* function-name */,
                args: [/* some-function-args */],
                resultType: /* result-node-type*/,
                getResultId: /* document => document._id (or some unique ID) */,

How to query for data (source plugins only)

You will be able to query for the type specified as the resultType for that function after the sourceNodes step is complete.

How to develop locally

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Develop on a feature branch
  3. Open a pull request with your feature branch against master

How to contribute

Feel free to leave issues or pull requests for this plugin!

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