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Plugin to fetch forms data from marketo platform and create a gatsby data query


npm install gatsby-source-marketo-forms

yarn add gatsby-source-marketo-forms

How to use

You’ll need to create credentials for the marketo API. All instruction how to create those keys you will find in this link ->


Go to gatsby-config and add the following lines to the config

  resolve: 'gatsby-source-marketo',
  options: {
    munchkinId: MUNCHKIN_ID_KEY,
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID_KEY',
    clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET_KEY',
    maxReturn: Specify how many forms should be returned (optional, type: number)

And that’s it. To explore your marketo forms data go to -> /__graphql

Sample of query

query MarketoQuery {
  allMarketoForm {
    edges {
      node {
        marketoChildren {

And a tip for the end. If you wanna use this to avoid AdBlock issue you can use this URL -> https://<YOUR MARKETO SPACE ID> to send form data instead of http://app-<YOUR MARKETO SPACE ID> because AdBlock is blocking requests which having some words in URL like marketo

app-<YOUR MARKETO SPACE ID> is a wrapper for <YOUR MARKETO SPACE ID> so it’s works exactly this same

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