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This is a source plugin for inMotion CRM

Set The Plugin Config

Generate a private key for the project using the link below, then create relevant environment variables for each key.

In gatsby-config.js :

module.exports = {
    const { privateKey } = JSON.parse(GATSBY_FS_PRIVATE_KEY)
    plugins: [
            resolve: `gatsby-source-inmotion`,
            options: {
                // point to the database details in env vars
                credential: {
                    type: "service_account",
                    project_id: process.env.GATSBY_FS_PROJECT_ID,
                    private_key_id: process.env.GATSBY_FS_KEY_ID,
                    private_key: privateKey,
                    client_email: process.env.GATSBY_FS_CLIENT_EMAIL,
                    client_id: process.env.GATSBY_FS_CLIENT_ID,
                    auth_uri: "",
                    token_uri: "",
                    auth_provider_x509_cert_url: "",
                    client_x509_cert_url: process.env.GATSBY_FS_CLIENT_CERT_URL
                // your firebase database root url
                databaseURL: process.env.GATSBY_FS_DB_URL,
                cloudinaryURL: process.env.GATSBY_CLOUDINARY_IMAGE_URL,

Open a terminal inside the plugins/gatsby-source-plugin folder, and then run npm install.

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