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This is a Gatsby source plugin that has all the options provided by the Google Sheets api. You can also simply use the Google Sheets url instead of the its ID for convenience.


npm i gatsby-source-google-sheets-flexible

How to use

Step 1: Prepare your Google API

  1. Create a Google API project
  2. Enable Google Sheets API for that project
    • Click the ENABLE button and select the project that you created
  3. Create the Google API key for that project
    • Click CREATE CREDENTIALS button and select API key

Step 2: Configure your Gatsby Project

  1. Install plugin by running npm i gatsby-source-google-sheets-flexible
  2. Add the plugin in your gatsby-config.js file

Available Options:

  • apiKey: Your google api key as in step 1.
  • spreadsheetId: The ID of the Google Sheets document to retrieve data from. Not required if you use the spreadsheetUrl option (next line).
  • spreadsheetUrl: The url of Google Sheets document to retrieve data from. Not required if you use the spreadsheetId option (previous line).
  • tabName: the tab name of the spreadsheet that you want to retrieve from the Google Sheets document.
  • cellRange (OPTIONAL): the range within the Google Sheets document of the cells you want to retrieve data from. Defaults to “A1:Z1000”.
  • majorDimension (OPTIONAL): The major dimension that results should use. 2 Possible values: “ROWS” (default), “COLUMNS”. Check out the majorDimension parameter here for more information.
  • valueRenderOption (OPTIONAL): Determines how values should be rendered in the output. 3 possible values: “FORMATTED_VALUE” (default), “UNFORMATTED_VALUE”, “FORMULA”. Check out here for more information.
  • dateTimeRenderOption (OPTIONAL): Determines how dates should be rendered in the output. 2 possible values: “SERIAL_NUMBER”, “FORMATTED_STRING”. Check out here for more information.

Additional Notes:

  • All of the values should be of string type, within quotation marks.
  • You can add the plugin with different configurations multiple times to pull data from different Google Sheets tabs/files

Example of using the plugin to retrieve data from 2 tabs in the same Google Sheets document, using spreadsheetUrl for one, and spreadsheetId for the other: (in gatsby-config.js)

module.exports = {
    plugins: [
            resolve: "gatsby-source-google-sheets-flexible",
            options: {
                apiKey: "AIzaSyCQQlbvNPEp21LLRsA_S0-R3r2TdxyUE-k",
                spreadsheetUrl: "https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16x6gtYQl7TAhehSqcaf_SAMDKNpEgoMxAGgMpQ7NUMs/edit#gid=72026853",
                tabName: "site",
                cellRange: "A1:B23",
                majorDimension: "COLUMNS",
        resolve: 'gatsby-source-google-sheets-flexible',
            options: {
                apiKey: "AIzaSyCQQlbvNPEp21LLRsA_S0-R3r2TdxyUE-k",
                spreadsheetId: "16x6gtYQl7TAhehSqcaf_SAMDKNpEgoMxAGgMpQ7NUMs",
                tabName: "listing",
                cellRange: "A1:H1000",
                majorDimension: "ROWS",

Step 3: View the results

  1. start the project in dev environment by running gatsby develop
  2. go to http://localhost:8000/___graphql to see the retrieved data. It should have created your Google Sheets data under all<tabName>SheetsData
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