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Source plugin for pulling data into Gatsby from a Google Sheets document

## A note on versions

I haven’t really used this very extensively lately but have tried to upgrade it for Gatsby 2.x.

  • If using Gatsby 1.x, do npm i gatsby-source-google-sheet@1
  • If using Gatsby 2.x+, do npm i gatsby-source-google-sheet@2

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
     * Gatsby's data processing layer begins with “source” plugins. Here we
     * setup the site to pull data from a particular Google Sheet
      resolve: `gatsby-source-google-sheet`,
      options: {
        // For protected spreadsheets you can use two-legged OAuth as described here:
        creds: {
          client_email: ``,
          private_key: `<long private key stuff>`
        // This is the bit after "/d/" and before "/edit" in the URL of a
        // Google Sheets document. I.e.,
        spreadsheetKey: `1ec1bO25bbEL4pdZjhlV3AppMtnO65D0ZI8fXy4z47Dw`,
        rootName: "RootName" // default is Sheet
With .env (if you make your code public)
  1. Run npm install dotenv --save-dev

  2. Create .env in the root folder and fill with the credentials

  1. Add require('dotenv').config() on top of gatsby-config.js, and edit the creds object
  creds: {
    client_email: process.env.GS_CLIENT_EMAIL || ``,
    private_key: process.env.GS_PRIVATE_KEY.replace(/\\n/g, '\n') || ``

Plugin options

  • creds: Object containing client_email and private_key, for non-public sheets.
  • spreadsheetKey: The key of the spreadsheet you want to consume via GraphQL.

How to query your spreadsheet data using GraphQL

Below is a sample query for fetching three columns in a spreadsheet.

query GetGoogleSheetsColumns {
  allGoogleSheet$rootName {
    edges {
      node {
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