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Gatsby Source Google Calendar Events

The initial iteration of this plugin is simply to read all single events for a given calendar associated with a GSuite account over a specified duration and expose this information within the Gatsby ecosystem as static data consumed via graphql.

Google Calendar Integration

  • Assumptions:
    • Google Suite account exists
    • Single Calendar exists with specific user that contains all public events for website display


  1. Creating a Service Account
  • Ensure role given to account is Project —> Owner
  • Enable Domain Wide Access to service account
  • After doing this, download .json key file
  1. Enabling Service Account as Authorized Client in Domain

GSuite Admin Console

For client name, use the client ID associated with the service account and allow the following scopes: https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar.events.readonly, https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar.readonly

Configuration Options and Defaults

Configuration options are as follows:

  • CalendarId: string . This is the google calendar to be used as a data source.
  • IncludedFields: arrayOf(strings). The fields to be included in the graphql schema from the Google Calendar API
  • timeMax: date-time. Upper bound for events to return, by start time of event.
  • timeMin: date-time. Lower bound for events to return, by end time of event.
  • pemFilePath: string. Path to .json key used for authentication of Google API requests in local development
  • envVar: string. Stringified .json pem file used for authentication of Google API requests in Production
  • scopes: arrayOf(strings). Permissions for Google Clients interaction with API

Default Configuration Values

    includedFields: ['start', 'end', 'summary', 'status', 'organizer', 'description', 'location'],
    calendarId: '',
    assumedUser: '',
    envVar: '',
    pemFilePath: '',
    // only events after today
    timeMin: moment().format(),
    // only events two years from now
    timeMax: moment().add(2, 'y').format(),
    scopes: [

Configuration Example

      resolve: `gatsby-source-google-calendar-events`,
      options: {
        calendarId: 'crazy-guid-of-user-owned-calendar@gsuite-domain.com',
        assumedUser: 'user@gsuite-domain.com'

Required Configuration Options

  • pemFilePath OR envVar
  • calendarId

Pull requests welcome!

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